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Double Your Pipeline of Active Hiring Managers Without Wasting More Time on Networking and Cold Calling.

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Do you wish you could drive more placements?  Is your business not growing at the pace you wanted?

Do you know it’s possible, but you’re not finding the best way to make this happen?

Don’t worry, you can make this happen.  It is very possible with the right combination of changes to how you’re marketing your business and job orders.

Don’t worry, though.  It’s not your fault.

You’ve been taught, or have learned by trial and error, to do things the way you are currently doing them.

You have been working with what you thought to be the best guidance and information available to you.

But the marketing world is an ever-changing landscape.  What worked yesterday may not work today, and you’re a relationship builder, not a marketer.  Your job is to connect two different types of people, clients and candidates.

If you’re like many recruiting firms, you don’t see that as “marketing” activity.  But that’s exactly what it is, and you can learn the best way to transform your business into a “marketing machine”.

For most, the changes are not monumental, for some, they are.  Either way, you’re closer than you think to having the business you dream of.

If you think, “isn’t there a better way?”, you’re asking the right question.

If you wonder “how can I break through the things that are holding me back?”, you’re asking the right question.

The things you have learned, and been taught, about how to make a recruiting business successful used to work.  But nowadays, clients and candidates are wise to your old strategies.

So, the recruiting “guru’s” that are taking your money, and teaching you the old, tired ways of growing a recruiting business need to be seen as what they are – dinosaurs.

Relics of a time gone by.  They’re going to need to change their message, or go by the wayside.

Just like you.

You’re in need of a change too.

You’ll appreciate a fresh, proven approach, employing contemporary strategies that have been tested, and shown to work.

New strategies that will help you attract higher quality clients.  And, in fact, have them calling you for time on your calendar, or at least having them feel like they know you, and are willing to engage in email or phone conversations with you.

And new strategies that will attract the highest quality candidates.  Both active AND passive candidates, that understand the value you’re providing.  They’ll know you’re different when the see your job postings.  They’ll know your different when they see the companies you’re posting jobs for.

If you’re at all interested in seeing how you can make this change and double the number of new clients you bring in to your company, and how you can double the number of placements through finding high quality passive candidates, click the link below, and schedule a 30 minutes strategy session.

I won’t waste your time, or mine, candidly.  If we’re not a good fit, one of us will know quickly.  If we are, then what do you have to lose, besides everything?

Talk Soon,

Keith Pelchat

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