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Want your marketing system to work for you - not against you - anymore?

Are you tired of struggling to get your online marketing working?  Chase shiny objects much?  Let me show you how you can quickly have your fully functioning marketing system up and running.

Put your focus where it belongs - Coaching your clients!

I'm Keith Pelchat,
Expert Trainer, Coach, Marketer.

Almost 2 decades of work as a Trainer, and more than half a decade of digital marketing, plus experience building my own coaching practice, has led me to this realization.

You, my friend, are in the ultimate "ME TOO" business.  You, and whole lot of other coaches are all "selling" the same thing.  Maybe that's why you're struggling to get all you want out of your coaching business.

Do the "gurus" tell you that you need to be "authentic and unique"?  Did you get the follow up, and here's how?

I've got that part for ya! With the right marketing framework, being unique and authentic is a lot easier than it seems.

And you won't EVER hear "just post about your life on social media" from me.

What I Can Help You With

Your Flock

If You're Marketing To Everyone, You're Marketing To No One

Birds of a feather, flock together.  With this proven process you will learn how to "carve a niche" to serve that want what you have.

Build Your

It Will Be Easy To Operate And You'll Be An Authority

Capturing Leads and making sales just got a lot easier for you.  If you can link to your back office, you can operate this system too.

Attract The
Right People

Instead Of You Chasing People, Have Them Ask You To Coach Them

It really is possible to have people apply to join your Coaching Program.  Won't that be a refreshing change?  Find The RIGHT Clients For You!

Reach Your Peak

Adding A Contact Form To Your DropFunnels Site

In this video I show you how to add a new page to your dropfunnels site, and add a contact form that prevents spam submissions. Subscribe To Our Channel

5 Methods To Find Video Content Ideas That Your Audience Wants From You

Do you struggle with coming up with content ideas? Or, is the content you’re producing getting very little engagement? Just so ya know, you’re not alone. It can be hard to figure out what content to produce. So, I put together this post so YOU’LL NEVER RUN OUT OF IDEAS! These 5 methods will make…

What Others Say

“Your go to man.”

I had a technical project that I needed help with. Keith did an AMAZING job steering me in the right direction and helped me create an outstanding project! He’s very knowledgeable, creative and caring!I highly recommend Keith

Sue E, Digestive Health Coach,
Nov 2020

Services Provided:

Consultation, Coaching, Marketing

“will make you think”

I loved how detailed the instructions were from Keith.  Keith will make you think, as to how to create pages to attract interest to the potential customer.

SHerri H, Business Coach & Marketer,
Jan 2021

Services Provided:

Coaching, Marketing, Implementation

“The big picture”

I really appreciated the big picture view of a marketing system AND the specifics of how to do it.

Wendy F, Money Mindset Coach,
Dec 2020

Services Provided:

Coaching, Done-With-You

Ready to take the next step?

The next step is to TAKE ACTION.  In my next challenge, you'll create a working funnel and generate at least 1 legitimate lead.

And I know, that if you can generate 1 lead, then you can generate MANY leads.

Leads turn into sales.

Sales turn into FREEDOM.

© 2021 Keith Pelchat. All rights reserved.

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