I Help Coaches

Get Their Tech Done

Systemize Their Business

Simplify Their Message

Find Their Voice

Build Their Audience


Does this sound like you?

Struggling to Scale Your Coaching Business

Have you been struggling to scale your business? Are you finding it hard to get it all right? From tech to social to copy to marketing - AND ALL THE SHINY OBJECTS?

Struggling To Build The

Right Audience

Struggling To Build The Right Audience

Building an audience seems easy, right? NOT! Lots of coaches struggle to build an audience of eager clients who want the type of coaching they offer.

Riding The Revenue Rollercoaster

If you can't put it all together, some months are going to be GREAT, while other months you're going to wonder if you'll ever get another client.

Wendy was having the same problems until now...

As I coach I know how helpful coaching can be, but I resisted having a business coach.

“I am a smart person.”

“I can figure this business thing out."

Those thoughts and more kept my business stuck in one place - not productive. Hiring Keith has changed everything! I have a more clear vision OF and FOR my business, with actionable steps to take as soon as the discovery call!

It feels so good to finally be seeing concrete, measurable results!

• Wendy F | New Hampshire

Who Is Keith

I've been helping coaches (and other types of businesses, frankly) get beyond these struggles. It's impossible to read the label on the bottle YOU'RE IN. So, sometime you just need someone on the outside of that bottle to do the reading for you.

Sometimes, you need to get into a different bottle. I've been working in the world of IT since 1984, so figuring out the bottle you need is almost second nature for me. I've also been working in the world of digital marketing since 2015, so I can see what you're missing, and how you're missing it.

Whether its your tech stack, or your messaging, I've learned and use the strategies I will help you with.

Why not just grab a 30 minute chat with me to see if I can help you get into the right bottle? I'm not going to sell you anything, but if we're a good fit for each other, I may offer you some paid help. It will be your choice to accept it or not.

If you're tired of dealing with these problems...