Complexity Is the Enemy Of Sales

You deserve to feel confident and excited about selling.

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In reality, there are just four key elements to having success selling your course(s).

Messaging - Create The Perfect Sales Message To Make Your Course Irresistable!

Sales System - With Your Marketing Message Simplified It's Time To Dial In Your Sales System.

Authority - Learn the Right Ways To Help Your Audience Know, Like, AND Trust You!

Traffic - Without Traffic (People Looking At Your Offer) You Don't Have A Business. Let's Do It Right.

Eliminate confusion and overwhelm by learning how to simplify.  Simplify your

  • marketing message
  • sales process
  • process for creating authority
  • traffic generation

The message is literally simple, like in 'make it all simple'.

It's Time To Simplify

The Plan Step 1
The Plan Step 2
The Plan Step 3

I'm Keith Pelchat
Expert Instructor, Marketer, and Course Creator

News Flash: Posting On Social Media Is Only Part Of A Marketing System!

You, my friend, are in the ultimate "Me Too" business.

You, and everyone else who sells courses like yours are all selling the same thing, right?  Nope...that's wrong.  Maybe that's why you're struggling to get noticed.  Why you're not getting all you want out of your business.

You get told that you need to be "authentic and unique", right?

Aaaaaaand, do you get the follow up - "and here's how"?  If you did, did it include more instructions than "Post about your life on social media."

Well, I've got that part for ya! Let's simplify your marketing process and use the least amount of tools that get the job done right (potentially saving you a ton $).

Being unique and authentic becomes a lot easier when you've got the right system in place.

And you won't EVER hear "just post about your life on social media" from me.

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What Others Say

“Your go to man.”

I had a technical project that I needed help with. Keith did an AMAZING job steering me in the right direction and helped me create an outstanding project! He’s very knowledgeable, creative and caring!I highly recommend Keith

Sue E, Digestive Health Coach,
Nov 2020

Services Provided:

Consultation, Coaching, Marketing

“will make you think”

I loved how detailed the instructions were from Keith.  Keith will make you think, as to how to create pages to attract interest to the potential customer.

SHerri H, Business Coach & Marketer,
Jan 2021

Services Provided:

Coaching, Marketing, Implementation

“The big picture”

I really appreciated the big picture view of a marketing system AND the specifics of how to do it.

Wendy F, Money Mindset Coach,
Dec 2020

Services Provided:

Coaching, Done-With-You

Ready to take the next step?

"If you only let your learning lead to knowledge, you're a fool.  Let it lead to action." - Tony Robbins


The next step is to TAKE ACTION.

Action that will help you collapse time.

In the Accelerate Your Course Masterclass you'll create real results that will move your business closer to having a complete, simple marketing system - FASTER.

And I know that if you can master the fundamentals of marketing, the you're on your way to lots of SALES!

Sales turn into FREEDOM.

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