5 Methods To Find Video Content Ideas That Your Audience Wants From You

Do you struggle with coming up with content ideas?

Or, is the content you're producing getting very little engagement?

Just so ya know, you're not alone.

It can be hard to figure out what content to produce.

So, I put together this post so YOU'LL NEVER RUN OUT OF IDEAS!

These 5 methods will make sure you always have ideas on what content to produce that your audience wants from you.

You'll never struggle with  content ideas again.  So now you can focus on:

  • the quality of the content
  • your strategy for content distributing
  • converting content viewers into leads

...which will ultimately lead to you making sales.

So, without further ado, here's a video I made for you...

Summarizing the video, I described these 5 methods of finding content ideas.

Method #1 - Pay attention to the videos YOU watch

It stands to reason, that if you liked the video, others who are like you would like the video too.  So, keep a journal of the videos that you watch.  Check out how many views those videos are getting.  Pay close attention to the ones that get a lot of views.  Then, go ahead and put your own spin on the content...add to it, change it up a little bit to fit your specific audience.


Don't steal their content, just model your content after it.  There's nothing wrong with doing this.  In fact, this post is based on one that I saw from another marketer.  I liked what he did, but thought, you know what, I can do it a little differently and make it my own.


Method #2 - Ask Your Audience!


Wow!  Don't overthink this!  I mean literally, just ask them.

If you don't have a large audience already, consider boosting the post for $10 or $15 to get some feedback.  Totally worth the expense.


You could also create a Poll.  Ask people to vote on what they want to learn about.  Put a few options in the poll.  Produce the content for ALL the options that have a decent number of votes!


You could reach out to existing customers, and ask them what they want to know more about.  Your existing customers are a GREAT barometer of what your potential customers would be attracted to!


Method #3 - Spy on Comments!


Yep, that's right.  Just go ahead and look at the comments that are all over the Internet:


  • FB Pages
  • Instagram Posts
  • Groups
  • Blog Posts




Look at the comments to see what people are talking about.  Getting a read on what they're excited about will surely lead you to and idea or two!


Oh yeah, don't forget to go to YouTube.  People leave LOTS of comments on videos out there.


Method #4 - Amazon Reviews


So you can do a search on Amazon for something related to your business.  Find the books, and look at the reviews for the book.


When you read the reviews, you can find out what people liked about the book (this also works for product reviews too, by the way!).


But, a super stealth hack here - look at the NEGATIVE reviews.  These can lead to showing you the problems that people have that the book or product didn't solve.  As entrepreneurs, our job is to find problems people are experiencing, and solve those problems for them.  That's what gets you paid!




Do a Google Image search for magazine covers related to your audience.  You WILL find A TON of content ideas.  This method alone could keep you producing content FOREVER! 🙂


So, I promised to provide you with a NEVER ENDING source of content ideas.

I hope you think I've delivered on that promise!


Did you find this valuable?  Leave me a comment to let me know!


Keep being a super-star!


Keith Pelchat


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