Do you wonder if there's more to life?


Is everyday going to be the same?  Go to work, on someone else's schedule.  Do the work that makes someone else wealthy, but just barely allows me to get by.  Even if you make good money, you have to have the nice car, that you're still paying for, and the nice clothes to look the part, and a nice house that you leave all day long.

I know how you feel.  I have been there.  To a certain extent I still am.


My Story


Right out of college (well, actually still in college, but realizing I couldn't afford the student loans I was accumulating) I got a job.  It was a good, stable job in IT.  That's when it all began.  Getting up way too early.  Driving 30 minutes to an office so I could do the work.  I was 19 at the time.  It was good at first.  Then, some things happened in my personal life, that made me want to get away.  So, about 2 years into the job.  I quit.  Cashed in the little bitty 401k I had built up, and spent 3 months in Europe with a train pass and a backpack.  It was an awesome experience.

While I was there, however, I started thinking "do I really need to go back and do all that crap for someone else?"  But, I was really young and this was way before the Internet really even existed.   So, I did...begrudgingly.  One day a friend of mine called me up and told me he had something he wanted to show me.  A business opportunity.  It was for a network marketing company.  He showed me how getting others to be excited to make their own money could, in fact, make me money.  BING.  I got the concept of leverage, and have dreamed of participating ever since.

Long story short.  I joined.  But I wasn't mature enough to understand what I needed to do, and didn't have the right training and support from my leaders.  The best thing that came out of it was that I needed to open a bank account for the business, and Kelly, the beautiful young lady that helped me, ended up marrying me!  We've been married over 25 years now!

Needless to say, I didn't really do well with that opportunity.  But, I still had the little devil sitting on my left shoulder going "you ever gonna take advantage of that leverage concept you love?".  Haunting.  Me.  Ever.  Since.


Fast Forward


I worked in IT for many years.  I got my feet wet in computer networking, then I learned how to create databases.  Eventually, I became a Microsoft Certified Trainer teaching IT people how to do networking and database stuff.  Did that for almost 15 years.  Mostly as a self-employed contractor.

I ended up getting a couple of corporate jobs over the last few years.  But the stress, poor eating habits, sedentary life of IT all piled up to have a major impact on my health.  Today, I am a heart disease patient, and survivor.

With the little devil on my shoulder starting to yell really loudly in my ear - "LEVERAGE YOU FOOL, WHEN ARE YOU GONNA LEARN?"  I decided to do something about it.  So, in September of 2015, I joined an entrepreneurial program.  It was $5,995.  And worth every penny.  I found my new passion, building businesses.  So, I have learned everything I can since then about being a business owner.  I've learned from some really amazing entrepreneurs, like Ryan Deiss and Molly Pittman from Digital Marketer, David Siteman Garland, Frank Kern, Aaron Fletcher , Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, Eric Worre, and too many more to list.  I am obsessed.


What about right now?


So, what am I doing now?  Well, over the years, with the IT lifestyle catching up to me, I have ended up have weight control issues.  Even though I have had heart issues, I really had been relying on the medications to keep more heart issues at bay.  But, when I got to the heaviest weight I had ever been, and feeling like crap all the time, I decided, I mean really decided, it was time to do something about it.

At the same time, Kelly came home with some products and information from a network marketing company.  The timing was a sign.  The learning I've been doing, the need to lose weight, something Kelly was excited about.  It all came together, and now we're on a journey together to help as many people get healthy as we can through education, health related products and building financial freedom.  And the best part is that we're doing this with others who are really excited to do the same thing!  Leverage baby!

Oh, and I've lost over 40 pounds in the few months I've been using the products.  So, I know, and can show before and after pictures.  Our products work, and our opportunity is amazing.

So, if you need to lose weight, get healthy, or want to build a life of time and financial freedom I would love to talk to you to see if we're a fit.


Let me know how I can add value to your life.  

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